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Spiritism realizes what Jesus said of the promised Consoler, by bringing knowledge of those things which allow Man to know where he came from, where he is going and why he is on Earth; so attracting mankind towards the true principles of God's Law and offering consolation through faith and hope.
“Spirits assure us that the time appointed by Providence for a universal manifestation of their existence has now come; and that their mission, as the ministers of God and the instruments of His will, is to inaugurate, through the instructions they are charged to convey to us, a new era of regeneration for the human race.” Allan Kardec (The Spirits’ Book – Prolegomena)

If you have anything against someone, go and talk to him with frankness and cordiality.

If you make yourself inspector of someone or any cause, do not be a public relator of their blemishing.

Search for the responsible one and as you talk to him, make sure edifying feelings of help envelops your words.
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